Coronavirus and Unity

Everything’s closed. I cough. My congestion has somehow advanced to my ears. I pause my routine of late nights out provoking ruskies and set up my desk.

This site exists, first, to host the Turbo Slicer page. I already had one on, but I’m not in that band anymore.

I was, in fact, supposed to do this three years ago. I haven’t touched Turbo Slicer in three years. It still sells every month. I was almost afraid to open the Unity Asset Store page, but I bit the bullet and saw the following:

Three years is a long time in software and the Unity API is not always stable. I expected to refactor it, upgrade it and release a “Turbo Slicer 3.” It seems it only needs some dusting off. It needs to look alive. It should have automated testing. The key images need to be straightened out. And I need finalize that “brand divorce.”

Step one is here.