Turbo Slicer 2

Turbo Slicer 2 (Unity Asset Store) cuts fast, repeatedly. Shred a mesh on a mobile at 60 FPS. Turbo Slicer is like putting your mesh in a blender.

On Youtube


Demo sources can be found in the in package in Noble Muffins / Turbo Slicer 2 / Examples.unitypackage. Demo sources include the touch slicer code, the sword controller and the orange slicer.


Owners of the original Turbo Slicer can upgrade in the Unity Asset Store at a reduced price, or for free if you purchased shortly before Turbo Slicer 2’s release. Sign in to the Unity Asset Store using the same account with which you purchased the original Turbo Slicer, and find Turbo Slicer 2 here.

The Manual

Find our complete manual here.

Extra Credits

Alex Patras – The current cover art. Find his portfolio here, or hire him on Upwork here.

Matthias Nielsen – Some demo code. You can hire him on Upwork here.

Nigel Kitts – The original cover art.

Piotr Wolf – The original demo, Synergy Blade.